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Spencer Series

Spencer Series (SPCP31)

 The Spencer design planters are handcrafted, using high quality steel. The product is then cleaned, treated, and powder coated, using the finest powder coating materials available. Feel free to ask about our wide array of colors, and very competitive lead times as well.

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Item #
Item Name
Special Design Planters
31" X 31" X 24"
95 lbs/GFRC 32 LBS
Special Design Planters
63" X 21" X 24"
280 lbs/GFRC 94 LBS

Special Design Planters

Item # SPFP31
Dimensions 31" X 31" X 24"
Weight 95 lbs/GFRC 32 LBS

Special Design Planters

Item # SPFP63
Dimensions 63" X 21" X 24"
Weight 280 lbs/GFRC 94 LBS

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Colors will vary slightly on the internet compared to actual product. Samples are available upon request.

Concrete Stain available on Smooth Surfaces.
Custom Colors and Textures available upon request.

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