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Petersen Manufacturing has been building concrete site furnishings for over 100 years. Our experience, and the quality of our products have made us a nationally recognized leader in the production of high-quality precast concrete site amenities.

Metal Bench

Custom Concrete Furnishings

Concrete Drinking Fountain

Concrete Planter


Aesthetic Value

All of our products are available in a wide variety of aggregate textures and colors that will enhance indoor or outdoor landscapes while offering a finishing touch on your project. Each piece of our Metal Site Furnishings is handcrafted, using high quality steel. The product is then cleaned, treated, and powder coated, using the finest powder coating materials available. The rugged steel reinforced construction makes them an ideal solution for outdoor use. Yet the gentle beauty, enhanced by a variety of color and texture options, offers versatility that will add aesthetic value to property-indoors or out.


All of our precast concrete products are steel-reinforced, and built to meet or exceed any industry standard for strength and durability. Petersen precast site furnishings offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance. This makes our precast site furnishings the ideal solution for businesses, government agencies or individuals. Feel free to call us about other strength/stress tests, or our on-going quality control testing. Petersen Manufacturing takes pride in our long history of experience in the precast concrete industry, first-rate customer service, and the other value-added aspects of our products.

Security Barriers

Petersen Mfg. Co. concrete security barrier products provide strong, cost-effective safeguards that protect the public from accidents and acts of terror. Petersen Manufacturing concrete security barriers can provide the strength, flexibility and aesthetic values needed in precast barriers. Choose from many styles of planters, bollards, and benches. Finish options include many colors, LSB and exposed aggregate textures. Custom specifications are welcome, call for details. Petersen Manufacturing site furnishings, such as planters, bollards, and benches, offer a formidable security barrier against possible vehicular attacks. However, no security device or barrier is impenetrable. In our experience over the last 100 plus years, we have found the best possible methods to install or place our product. These products truly offer an affordable, dependable, low maintenance method of security.

Finish Options

Petersen Mfg. has many finish options available and samples are available on request. View many of the finish options.

Petersen Livestock Waterers

The Durability of a Petersen Livestock Waterer does not rely solely on the 3/8" welded rebar cages and the 5000 P.S.I, strength concrete. Petersen's air-entrained concrete is designed for expansion and contraction during temperature changes to eliminate cracking and deterioration. Our five-year warranty insures you that once you own a Petersen Concrete Waterer, Your worries are over! Visit Petersen Livestock Waterers.

If you have any questions on our products, prices or shipping, please call us toll-free at 1-800-832-7383 to discuss your project with one of our helpful representatives. Or you can e-mail your questions and requests to We hope to hear from you soon!

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